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Garage Door Springs
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The springs of any garage system is their motion power. They lift the door and make sure it stays open at one particular point. They lower down the door and make sure it doesn't come down with force. Garage Door Springs work along with cables for the perfect movement of the door and since panels are extremely heavy, the spring/cable system is under enormous tension, especially when the door is closed. During that time the coils of springs are stretched so they can use their stored energy to reopen the door.

There are extension and torsion spring garage door systems. Extension springs are in pairs of two and there is one torsion spring although many doors would require two or three. The number, size, and type of springs chosen for each door would depend on its weight. There are differences among the two types of springs but they both do the same job.

Same day spring repair services

Garage Door Springs in Salt Lake CityThe job of Garage Door Repair Salt Lake City is to confirm springs operate properly. Their job is to open and close the door and in order for them to do this, they must possess tremendous power, be in good condition, free of rust, and well lubricated. Moreover, they must also be the right springs for that specific door. For this reason, our dedicated team is always here to help you choose the right Garage Door Springs and flawlessly install them.

We excel in garage door spring replacement and assure you that our comprehensive service is completed with full respect to your property. Undoubtedly, due to the vast experience acquired over the years, we fully understand that snapped overhead door springs cause damage to properties not to mention unnecessary stress for customers. Implementing meticulous care while replacing your torsion or extension springs means you won't have to deal with snapped springs later in the future. Of course, our remarkable team is always available for fast broken spring replacement and the services provided are of the greatest quality.

From spring installation to their replacement and adjustment, we are the leading garage door repair professionals. Contact us via email for any problem.

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