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Garage Door Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Garage Door Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid
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It is important for cleaning to be provided as part of garage door maintenance. It will help you achieve an aesthetic look, but also smoother and more effective operation at all times. The hardware components and the panels are effectively protected from damage. While this task is generally simple and easy to perform, you may get things wrong and cause harm or expose the system to other risks. Consider the major cleaning mistakes which you must avoid.

Doing Things the Right Way

Garage Door Cleaning Mistakes to AvoidThe use of household cleaner for removing dirt from the garage door panels is definitely a bad idea. This is because some of the chemicals which the product contains may cause damage to steel and increase its risk of corrosion. It is best to use mild soap or detergent instead. The latter option is recommended for removing larger and more stubborn accumulations of dirt. Dissolve the product in a bucket of lukewarm water and you will be fully ready to begin the work.

Another extremely serious mistake is to use abrasive tools for cleaning. You should keep the brushes with tough bristles where you store them and use a soft sponge to remove dirt from the panels. For cleaning the garage door parts, a small soft brush should do. Furthermore, apply an abrasive tool and more specifically steel wool only when you have to remove rust from a section of the door or from a particular component such as the torsion coil trampoline spring. This task must be performed with the utmost caution.

It is easy to forget to rinse the door after cleaning it with the dissolved soap or detergent, but this would be a serious mistake. The chemicals which remain on the panels may not only leave unsightly marks, but also cause damage and pose the need for garage door repair. That is why you have to remember to perform this important task. Use cool water to remove the soapy water from the panels.

Finally, you should not be careless when selecting the day for cleaning the system. Complete it on a warm and sunny day with the lowest chance for rainfall. In this way, the door will be dry in no time.

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